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We are proud of the quality of our products, and look to share them with the rest of the world!
Our franchise partners are the beneficiaries of our years of experience, hard work and success. We at Belwaffles provide a turn key franchise experience to our partners supporting them throughout the entire franchise process. Branding, tech support, outfitting, management techniques, HR training and quality control are all part of the pre, post and ongoing support package that we provide our franchise partners.


Beldelice Corporation

Beldelice was founded by Nikita Shportko and Jose Manuel Silva Gallardo in 2015 to realize the fusion of Japan and Belgiums proud culinary traditions, culminated in this extraordinary treat.

Our company is a high-quality service provider, which allies our international business knowhow with traditional Belgian products. We are primarily focused on managing and servicing our franchise network, consisted of 3 restaurants, with the flagship restaurant in Fukuoka Tenjin Core, We also conduct import/export business, market entry consultancy and event production.

BelDelice activities: restaurant management and operation, franchise support and supervision, market Research and analysis, product placing, market entry feasibility studies, retail shop management, food events, “Pop up” shops management, language café.

Business Strategy: Establish a retail outlet: introduction of traditional Belgian food and beverages to the Japanese market through the establishment and promotion of the Belwaffles concept in Kyushu Japan. Belwaffles is a European café restaurant offering a unique opportunity to experience genuine Belgian waffles and European atmosphere. Restaurants of our brand facilitate market research, establish a point of sale for Belgian products and promote Belgian culture and tourism while providing initial cash flow and revenue.

Distribution Chain: With the factory and flagship restaurant in Fukuoka Tenjin Core we supply our locations with waffle dough, handmade according to original Belgium recipe which we keep secret and consider the main gem of our concept. We deliver waffle dough throughout Kyushu and the rest of Japan, creating a distribution chain to further support Belgian/European client’s market entry strategies.




The quality of our Waffle is based on incorporating the traditional method of quality goods Japan consumers are accustomed to with genuine European flavor and style.

Bread dough Ball

This hand shaped waffle dough ball is guaranteed to be cooked evenly to keep and maintain its light and exquisite balance. Our products and procedures are compliant with halal and HACCP ( International Food Safety Standards)


Before using the dough, warm lightly with a range, not frozen, and then put the machine in the Waffle machine to get up to 200 degrees, then place it in a machine, remove the baked and bake for 30 minutes, and then warm the freshly made waffle to the tray for 15 seconds at 160 degrees.



There are 48 pieces of dough per six trays. There are 288 fabrics in total. There are two sizes. The size of each dough is 50 grams and 90 grams.


Four to six hours before making waffles you have to save in the refrigerator can be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4 degrees and can be stored for 72 hours in a freezer with a minus 18 degrees