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Why Our Belgian Waffles are Famous

Our waffles are made with a secret family recipe that dates back to 1950. We use only the finest ingredients and our batter is made fresh daily which gives our waffles their unique taste and texture.

About Waffles

Liège waffle or gaufre de Liège in French, is a type of waffle that originated in the city of Liège, Belgium. It is named after the region where it was created.

Liège waffles are typically made from a sweet, yeast-based dough and are known for their dense, chewy texture. Unlike traditional American or Brussels waffles, Liège waffles have a unique, irregular shape and a caramelized sugar coating on the outside, which gives them a sweet and crunchy exterior.

The dough for Liège waffles usually contains ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter, sugar, and pearl sugar. Pearl sugar is an essential component of Liège waffles and is responsible for the characteristic caramelization and crunchiness. The dough is traditionally prepared by allowing it to rise for some time before adding the pearl sugar.

To cook a Liège waffle, the dough is placed in a hot waffle iron or griddle. As the waffle cooks, the pearl sugar melts and caramelizes, creating a deliciously sweet and crispy coating. The resulting waffle has a soft, doughy interior with pockets of melted sugar.

Liège waffles are often enjoyed as a breakfast or snack item in Belgium and have gained popularity in many other parts of the world. They can be served plain or topped with a variety of sweet accompaniments such as powdered sugar, Nutella, whipped cream, fresh fruits, or chocolate sauce.

If you're looking to try a Liège waffle, you may be able to find them at specialty bakeries, cafes, or Belgian-themed restaurants in your area. They are a delightful treat for waffle enthusiasts and those with a sweet tooth.

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